Ron Corbi

  • Ron Corbi

    Ron Corbi is the President of Corbi Air Inc. A 1963 graduate of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Ron worked as an A & P Mechanic and Charter Pilot until at age 23 he was hired as a First Officer with Allegheny Airlines the forerunner USAir. During his 28 years with USAir he flew as Captain on the BAC 1-11, DC-9, MD-80, and Boeing 757 & 767. He was selected as a Flight Instructor/Check Pilot for the BAC 1-11, DC-9, and MD-80., and a FAA Designated Flight Examiner for the BAC 1-11and DC-9. He was promoted to Flight Manager of Operations and Training for DC-9 and MD-80, and ran USAir’s Crew Resource Management and Captain Development Programs. In 1993 Ron purchased M. J. Corbi Aircraft Sales from his father and formed Corbi Aircraft Sales Inc. In 1995 he retired from USAir to pursue his new career full time at Corbi Aircraft Sales Inc. which later became Corbi Air, Inc.

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