Power and Propeller

  • Power and Propeller

    Bombardier-Rotax 912 ULS DCDI 100HP4-stroke engine specially developed for recreational aircraft
    Also available in a certified Rotax 912 S version.

    Sensenich 2A0-R570-EN 2-blade carbon / composite propeller


    All of our Rotax engines have been configured with the optional “sliding/slipper” clutch to protect that gearbox, in the event that your propeller meets with a sudden stop. Where other manufacturers are using oil coolers, we have selected a laminar flow oil-to-water heat exchanger manufactured by Laminova, these units are used on our European Alto’s for “Glider Tow” applications, and provide superior cooling during hot summer days, the design of these coolers allow the engine oil to reach operating temperatures more quickly and provide a stable engine temperature during long descents.


    The Sensenich two bladed, composite, ground-adjustable propeller has been our first choice since coming to the market, this propeller incorporates a stainless steel leading edge that serves to protect against impact damage, wear from sand, small stones, rain, and other debris that can damage a propeller. The Pitch Cylinder Hub System allows the user to set a broad range of settings, using the system’s index mark as a reference point when making adjustments. They adjust 16 degrees in pitch, affording maximum performance within an efficient aerodynamic range. The blade pins lock into the blade pin slot of the pitch cartridge, allowing the blades to move back and forth in tandem for ease of setting pitch.

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