Attention Flight Schools

  • Attention Flight Schools

    The Alto is the best new training aircraft on the market today. Everything about the Alto was carefully designed to optimize not only student learning but flight school and leaseback owner profitability. For every design decision we asked “What will help students learn?” and “What will help flight schools be profitable?”

    Student Learning

    Like no other company, we have taken the time to look at the Alto from a student’s perspective. Instrument selection; the size, shape, and position of switches; checklist flows, operating handbook, training manual and performance numbers; all were designed with the student pilot in mind.

    But it’s not just a great new aircraft, it’s part of a flight training system. Your students can have their own copies of the POH and training manual designed to make the Alto easy to understand and operate for the new student pilot. The manuals are supplemented by a set of on-line resources and classroom teaching aids that make learning fun and easy. Also, Gleim Publications is developing a new desktop simulator for the Alto that will enable your students to practice their maneuvers in the classroom before they go fly.

    Flight School Profitability

    Do you like leather interior, eye-candy paint jobs and three-bladed propellers pitched for speed? You can have it all on the Alto, but aren’t the things that make you money as an owner or a flight school so you won’t find such things on our standard equipment list. We are all about keeping your monthly expenses low and your revenue high. We do that by making the Alto easy to maintain. It’s systems were designed to be mechanic-friendly and take less time to service so the Alto will spend less time in the hangar and more time in the pattern earning you money.

    The reservoirs are easily accessible. No standing on your head to check the brake fluid!

    The canopy can be removed in about 30 seconds by two people, giving access to the avionics wiring from above!
    With our modular wiring system, radios can be changed in about an hour, and without going to an avionics shop!

    The electrical system can be configured and analyzed from the pilot’s display screen!
    Track maintenance intervals on the cockpit display screen!

    All this technology is now available at a cost that flight schools and leaseback owners can afford.

    Fuel Efficiency

    The combination of a Rotax 912 engine on our light-weight airframe results in stellar fuel consumption. In flight school use, the Alto will typically average below 4 gallons/hour while the typical Cessna 172 averages about 10 gal/hr. What is 6 gal/hr at today’s prices? The savings goes straight to your bottom line.